On #GivingTuesday...
                       ...give a little and invest in the dream.

Your dollars benefit the heart & soul of SCSC... OUR TEACHERS!

Teachers are the heart and soul of SCSC.    They are innovators. They are leaders. The best teachers are also learners, constantly striving to grow. This year, please support our teachers with a donation to 2016-17 Annual Giving Campaign.

How does your contribution to the Annual Giving Campaign help support SCSC's teachers? 

  • Send a group of our teachers to The National Charter Schools conference in Washington, DC where they will meet other creative educators and bring innovative strategies back to SCSC.
  • Allow our teachers to invest in the latest technologies to stay on the cutting edge. The 3-D printer and the Ozobot program are just a few great examples already in use at SCSC. Our teachers need to continue investing in the kind of innovation that puts SCSC at the forefront of 21st Century learning.
  • Enhance the learning environment at SCSC by improving the classrooms and school building, such as completing the update of carpeting in the great room, 1/2 & 3/4 hallway, and the Elms classroom.
  • Support our teachers' ideas! The best ideas come from our teachers - we want to be prepared to answer the call and give them autonomy to grow and support their students through classroom libraries, technology and equipment. 
While we know that test scores are only one measure of success, SCSC's #1 ranking in Pennsylvania is a testament to the work that our fauclty puts in day in and day out. They promote a growth  mindset. They show our children how to resolve conflicts peacefully. They host Discovery sessions, lead ECS night and put in serious elbow grease at Saturday Work Days.
Let's support their growth, innovation and continued learning!
Please contribute to the 2016-17 Annual Giving campaign with your tax-deductible donation.  
  1. Click Donate below to give online.
  2. Mail your check to: 110 East Broad St, Souderton, PA, 18964 


With Heartfelt Gratitude,

   SCSC Board of Trustees

   Jennifer Arevalo, Director of Education

   Wendy Ormsby, Director of Organizational Development

   The Entire SCSC Faculty