We need to let you know about a new law that requires more frequent and an additional fingerprint clearances because your involvement as a volunteer at SCSC is very important to us.  The law (Act 153) requires that every three years all volunteers who have interaction with children to get: 1. a child abuse clearance 2. a criminal history record and 3. a FBI clearance (which requires fingerprinting). Beginning in September 2015, you must have these clearances if you want to volunteer at the school.  You can learn more here:
Please check in the office to see if your first two documents are more than three years old. If so, you will be required to obtain all clearances for the 15-16 school year. 
We have forms in the office for child abuse clearances and criminal history records.  
1. You can also get your criminal history record online at  .

     Page down to PSP services - on the left click: Request A Criminal History Record
    Click Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History (PATCH) web site where you    
    will need to set up an account. You will be charged $10.
2. You can get your Child Abuse History Clearances online at:

     Child Welfare Portal: click on create a new account

     General Information/Welcome: Click next

     Create a new Keystone ID: it must be 6 to 10 characters (you will use this to   
      login) Click finish.  
     They will email you a temporary password, copy and paste your password. Then you will be asked to create a new password.

     You must accept the terms to proceed: Click continue 

     You will then get to My PA Child Abuse History Clearances: Click Create Clearance Application 
     You will be charged $10.
3. To obtain your FBI clearance, first you must register and pay for the service before scheduling an appointment for fingerprints. You can register at:
    After you've registered, you can call your local police department and they can direct you where to go for fingerprinting.
you can get fingerprinted at one of the following two locations. (They are quite busy so there is a backlog.)
Bucks County Intermediate Unit (click on fingerprinting to set up an appointment)
Hours of operation are  8:30 - 4:30.
Quakertown Community School District
QCSD District Services Center
Hours of operation for the public
9:00 am - 3:00 pm Monday-Thursday
For more information go to: and click on "QCSD is a fingerprint hub"

Thank you for understanding.  Wendy and Jennifer


The success of SCSC depends on the active participation of many people-both inside and outside the classroom. That's why every SCSC family willingly invests at least four volunteer hours per month fostering this unique learning environment for our children. From helping to facilitate learning experiences in each homebase, to keeping our facility in good repair, to serving on one of our committees, it's our volunteers who make the unique and highly valued SCSC educational experience possible. We've even had grandparents and extended family members come in and share their time and experience. How wonderful!

Thanks to all of you-give yourselves a hand!


There are many ways to be involved in the SCSC community.  A few volunteer opportunities are listed below:

Fundraising Events                                                                                 Community Building Events

Walmart Bake Sale                                                                                     Recess Volunteer

Scholastic Book Fair                                                                                   Holiday Shop

Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast                                                                   Winter Potluck

Basket Bingo                                                                                               Field Day

Service Auction – Acquisitions                                                                    Art Appreciation

Friendly’s Night                                                                                            Discovery

                                                                                                                     Fall Festival

Work Day                                                                                               Enhancing Learning Opportunities

Carpentry                                                                                                Do you have passion about a topic or

Plumbing                                                                                                 skills that you could share with our

Electrical                                                                                                 students?  We welcome guest 

Organizing                                                                                              speakers or adults to lead small 

Watching Children                                                                                  groups.

Technology Support