Coaching Tips

Reading should be fun, fast, and easy!

- Make sure your child practices reading for at least 30 minutes at home every day. Just like it takes practice to become a better singer, dancer, or football player, it takes practice to become a better reader. Use the 100 Book Challenge reading log sheets to keep track of daily reading practices.

- Know your child’s “Just Right” reading level. Encourage your child to read a variety of fiction and non fiction at their level.


- Provide the time and opportunity for your child to read his or her 100 Book Challenge color-coded book(s) every day.

Make sure your child has a relaxed, comfortable place to read – such as a couch, chair, or comfortable floor.


-Listen to your child read. Let him or her hold the book.


- Be your child’s listening ear. Help with pronunciation as needed.  Encourage your child to use decoding strategies such as "tap it out" and "blend and go."


Help older children to read fluently and with feeling.


Encourage older children to bring home books they really want to read.


Sign your child’s log sheet after he or she reads.


 Encourage your child to buy books and build his or her personal library at home.


 Set a good example for your child by sharing your own reading experiences. Children are copycats – if they see you read, they will read, too.


Stay in contact with your child’s teacher about his or her reading progress.


Keep it fun! Be sure not to test your child on the reading. Just enjoy it!